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Teach a Man to Fish and...

He MIGHT be able to save the whales

A successful green business must help itself, before it helps others. Be careful not to spend too much on saving the whales until you can pay for your own boat!

Who Made Recycling so Famous?

They Say Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... but the last (which is the worst for our environment) gets all the attention! Reuse can be much more profitable and has much less environmental impact.

Sustainable Sustainability – Environmental AND Financial Return

How to THINK ABOUT Sustainable Sustainability and How to IMPLEMENT Sustainable Sustainability.



Startups are Easy as 1, 2, 3. Yeah, Right!

Components of successful startup are: Idea, Execution, Profit and Cash Flow. If you can't generate cash, don't waste your time on the first three!

Business Planning from Top to Bottom, Left to Right

No business plan is ever "right". However, a good format will help you see what you need to make, and when, so you know how wrong you are!

Bush Leaves


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