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Get to Know Marty

In 2002, well before the environmental movement took off as we know it, Metro launched Boomerang Boxes, a chain of eco-friendly retail stores that bought/sold USED moving boxes.. He had dreams of a national franchise and scaled the idea to four retail locations.  But just 3 years in, it became clear his attempt was premature, undercapitalized and riddled with logistic flaws. In short, it was simply not “sustainable”.  After 3 long years of massive losses, no profit and no income, Metro was forced to cease all operations, leaving himself (and his supportive wife) with not just an empty bank account, but $300,000+ of personal debt!

Kyle L. Howell - Walmart ISD Manager

One of the most inspiring leaders that can captivate an audience and at the same time teach, motivate and show the importance of taking charge in life.

Leonard Lanzi -Executive Director, Los Angeles Venture Association

Marty's business acumen and experiences are brought to life through his honest and forthright approach to audiences.

Stephanie Meittinis- Director, MidAtlantic B2B Green Forum

Marty Metro is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers I have witnessed first hand. He leaves his audience always wanting more!
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